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Concrete Wall Sawing

We provide Concrete Wall Sawing services, Wall sawing is also referred to as ‘track sawing’.  It is the fastest and most precise method of concrete sawing for cutting door and window openings to reinforced concrete walls and floors.

CuttingIn utilises wall sawing units which can cut up to 700mm thick concrete with the aim of separating two integral structures.

Further benefits are derived from the fact that this concrete wall sawing facility can be set up at practically any location with the assurance of obtaining a precise and even cut without dust and vibration.


  • Reduction in noise, dust, and debris;
  • A reduction in downtime;
  • A determined precision cutting process;
  • A capacity for cutting of heavily-reinforced concrete;
  • The ability to maintain structural integrity; and
  • Used where limited-access cutting is needed

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